Chamelon skeleton on a twig

​Art Afterlife Skeletons, LLC is a creator of works of art using the natural skeletal system of vertebrates. My art is used for educational purposes, decoration, memorial pieces, etc. It is a way to create a new purpose for a deceased specimen.

*No animal is killed in order to obtain the skeleton. There are plenty of sources to obtain specimens that have died from natural causes or are hunted through permitted hunts.

Art Afterlife Purpose

Art Afterlife Skeletons, LLC creates a new purpose to those organisms that are no longer living. I strive to let no carcass go to waste, and to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece using the natural bones of the vertebrates obtained. I am able to supply rare and unique specimens along with customized orders. A memorial based service that allows owners and collectors to experience a unique and educational aspect that most do not even think of.

Art Afterlife Process

The skeleton process is made up of very tedious and time consuming steps. All steps have to be completed at the right time in order to create a masterpiece work of art. As the carcass is obtained, it is then skinned, positioned, de-fleshed, and then comes the highly technical skill of articulation. All carcasses are of the highest quality before shipped. There will be no dried flesh, stinky smell, or loose bugs on my specimens. Customer satisfaction is key, which is why I maintain the highest quality of work from the start.

Art Afterlife Specialization

Here at Art Afterlife, I specialize in any vertebrate animal skeletal system. I possess the unique skills and knowledge in order to create the Grade “A” quality of skeleton articulation that is available, whether it is fish, reptiles, mammals, or birds. By combining my experience and skills to create the highest quality specimen, I can assure your satisfaction. A satisfied customer sharing the same appreciation for such a rare piece is what allows me to continue living my dream.

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