Q: I had a special pet pass away that I am considering getting a pet memorial skeleton done, How do I preserve the specimen until I am able to ship to you?


A: Once a specimen passes away, it should be bagged and placed in the freezer ASAP. Freezing a specimen is the only way to guarantee it will be salvageable when it comes time to process the specimen.


Q: How do I go about getting a specialized quote for a specimen I want to have processed?   


A: To get a personalized quote specific to a particular specimen I need a few key pieces of information.  I need the species, size of the specimen, positioning or pose desired, if a display such as a shadowbox is wanted (only offered on smaller specimens due to shipping process), and also your zip code. All these factors will go into gathering a quote designed for a specific customer.   


Q: How long will my specimen take to completion?   


A: Smaller specimens have an average turn around of 4 to 6 weeks. Larger specimens range from 8 to 12 weeks. All depends on what projects are currently in the works. Time frames will also be given at time of the quote with my schedule taken into account.   


Q: How do I pay for my specimen?   ​


A: To make payments, I will send an invoice to your email. It will be a check out process like any other online payment using a credit / debit card. I do require a 50% down payment (non-refundable) of the custom work before the process begins. Remaining balance will be due before the finished product is shipped out.